Orange Juice – Processing Writing

Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to prepare orange juice at home.

Orange Juice Processing Hints:

Buying oranges from the market – Collecting necessary items like juicer and strainer – Sorting and removing rotten ones, if any – Cleaning – Peeling – Removing the seeds – Putting in a juicer – Crushing to extract juice – Straining – Mixing water, sugar, and syrup – Pouring into bottles – Sealing and labeling – Dispatching to shops

Preparation of orange juice Processing

Orange juice is a delicious and refreshing healthy drink. It increases energy in our body especially we are exhausted in hot summer days. It is a liquid that extracts from oranges. Orange juice is prepared at home very easily through some simple steps.

At first, some good qualities of oranges are bought from the market. Next, the necessary items like a juicer and a strainer are collected. Then, the oranges are sorted out and rotten ones, if any, are removed. Then, the good oranges are cleaned with fresh water properly. After that, the oranges are peeled. After peeling, the seeds of the oranges are removed. Thereafter, they are put into a juicer and crushed in order to extract the juice. Then, the juice is strained to remove the orange pulp. Next, sugar and syrup are mixed to make it tasty. At that time water is also added to it. Then, the juice is poured into sterilized bottles. Now the bottles are sealed and labeled. Thus the preparation of orange juice is completed. Finally, it is ready to dispatch to the market.

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