Bread Making – Processing Writing

Use the following flowchart write a paragraph on how to make bread.

Bread making process flow chart:

[ Flour, salt, yeast and water – Weighing – Mixed – Dough prepared – Cut into required pieces – Rolled and shaped – Backed for 20 to 30 minutes – Loaves – Sliced – Wrapped in papers – Ready for sale ]

Processing Writing of Bread Making

Bread is a very common food item in various countries. It’s preparation depends on a few stages that go one after another.

At first, the four ingredients flour, salt, yeast, and water are taken. Then, these items are weighted. After that, they are mixed throughly to prepare a dough. Next, the dough is cut into required pieces. Then, the pieces are rolled and shaped. Next, the shaped pieces are baked in a oven for 20 to 30 minutes to turn into a loaf. Now the loaf is cut in slices. Finally, these slices are wrapped in paper and it is ready for sale in the market.

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