Write a Letter to Your Father about Your Preparation for Final Examination.

Write a Letter to Your Father Telling Him about Your Exam Preparation.

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Sub: Preparation for Upcoming Exam Letter

My dear father,

I got your letter yesterday. After reading your letter, I came to know that you wanted to know about my preparation for my upcoming final examination. So I am going to tell you about my preparation of final board examination.

You know that our final examination will start from 14th February and it will end on 27th February. You will be very glad to know that my preparation for it is satisfactory. I am always busy with my studies.

I have carefully revised all the subjects and in the remaining time, I hope to go over again the most important topics to make sure of them. But I shall be more careful of my studies in Mathematics. Because you know that I am weak in Mathematics. So I practice math for two hours daily in the morning. I am working hard and I hope I may fare well in the final examination.

You need not worry about me. I am well here. How are you? Please write me a letter soon. with lots of love.

Your loving son,

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