How Newspapers are Published – Process Writing

Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph on how newspapers are published.

Newspaper production process chart:

Press reporters collect news – Press photographers take pictures – News sorted and edited – Types set in machines – Paper rolls inserted – News printed – Folded and cut – newspaper ready for distribution – delivered home

Process of Making Newspaper

We read newspaper everyday in the morning. But very few of us know how a newspaper is published. It passes through a number of steps before reaching us in its final form.

At first, different types of news are collected and their photographs are taken from all over the world with the help of news reporters and photographers. Then they are sent to the editor’s office. There those news items are sorted and edited by news editor with suitable headings. Next, types are set in machines and a huge blank paper rolls are inserted in the printing machines. The printing machines is then operated and the news are printed on the paper. Next, the printed newspapers are folded in cut in required sizes. These are now ready for distribution. Finally, they are collected by hawkers and vendors who delivered them to the readers at home.

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