Guava Jelly – Processing Writing

Guava jelly processing flowchart:

Buying ripe guavas from market – Sorting and removing the rotten once, if any – Cleaning with fresh water – Cutting into pieces – Boiling and crushing – Passing through a sieve to separate seeds – Mixing with sugar and syrup – Boiling again to make it thick – Cooling – Filling in sterilized bottles – Sealing and lebelling – Ready to eat or for selling

Process of Making Guava Jelly

Guava jelly is a delicious condiment. It is processed in a number of coherent stages.

At first, the required quantity of guavas are bought from the market. Then, they are sorted out and rotten once, if any, are removed. Next, they are cleaned properly with fresh water. Later, the cleaned guavas are cut into small pieces. After that, these pieces are boiled for half an hour in a water-filled container. There after, the seeds are separated from boiled guavas by passing through a sieve. Next, it is boiled again to make it thick. At that time, syrup and sugar are mixed to make it tasty. Preservative is also added with it. After that, it is cooled. Now the jelly is filled in sterilized bottles. Then, the bottles are sealed and lebelled. At last, it is ready to be eaten or sold in the market.

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