Notice Writing on School Magazine Publication [Simple & Best]

Write a Notice on Publication of School Magazine.

Suppose you are the student editor of your school magazine. Write a notice inviting the students’ contribution to the school magazine. You may use the following points:

[ Types of contribution ( article, story, poem, drawings ) – length of the writing and page to be used for submission – last date of submission and – whom to submit ]

XYZ School


Publication of School Magazine

             Ref. No…            Date… 

All the students of our school are hereby notified that our school is going to publish the annual school magazine ‘Moner Kotha’ after the summer vacation. So, articles like poems, essays, short stories, and designed short jokes are invited from the students of the institution. Those who are willing to write for this 20th edition of the magazine are therefore requested to submit their articles to their respective class teacher on or before 10th May 2022. All concerned are requested to note the following instructions:

a. Articles ( essays, short story ) – word limit 400 words

b. All the writings should be written on one side of an A4 size page.

c. The students should not copy any article from another publication.

d. Handwriting should be clean and legible.

e. The magazine committee will select the articles and their decision is final.

Please contact the undersigned for further details, if required.

Full co-operation and active participation from the students are highly solicited.

Countersigned by



XYZ School



                                                             Magazine Committee

                                                                        XYZ School

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