Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Lockdown Life

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him How You Have Spent Your Time During This Lockdown.

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My dear friend,

Your loving letter is just to hand. It was a huge relief to know that you are all safe. We are good too. In your letter, you have wanted to know how I have spent the days during lockdown. So I am writing this letter to describe you about how I have spent my time during lockdown period.

As you know, in the early stages, lockdown was the main weapon to cure this Covid-19 disease. That is why the government announced a lockdown. My experience in lockdown time was very annoying. At that time I could not play any outdoor game, I could not meet anyone. The same routine had to be followed from morning till night. It was really a very difficult time for everyone.

Regularly I did my online classes arranged by our school through my laptop. Besides I read various poetry, drama and storybooks attentively. I invested a lot of time in my hobbies along with studying. I engaged myself in gardening. I practiced yoga and meditation every morning. It helps to keep my body fit and my mind calm. To remove monotony, I spent my days watching television and listening music. In this way I have spent my days during the lockdown. I am also eager to know your lockdown stories. I am waiting for your response.

No more today. More when we meet. Salutation to your elders and love to you I am ending my letter.

Your loving friend,

Your name

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