Write Letter To Your Friend Describing How You Enjoyed the Kite Festival

You have a friend who lives abroad. Write a letter to your friend describing how you enjoyed the kite Festival or kite flying day.

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My dear friend,

I hope you and everyone in your family are in good health and are happy. I am writing this letter to tell you about my experience of the kite Festival this year.

This year I went to my uncle’s house in Ahmedabad. There I took part in the kite Festival on January 14th, which is very popular here. People assembled together in front of the morning son to fly colourful kites. I participated in kite flying competitions with my cousins. The sky transformed into the multicolour Canvas as kites of all shapes and colors soaring in the sky.

The weather was very good on this day. The day was clear and there was very little wind, perfect time for the celebration. During this time we prepared a variety of sweets and distributed among our relatives and neighbours as part of this festival. I enjoyed this festival very much.

No more today. I would love to hear how you celebrated the kite Festival on your end.

Looking for to catching up very soon.

Your loving friend,

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