Write A Letter To Your Friend How You Spend Your Christmas Holiday.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him or Her About How You Spend Your Christmas Vacation.

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Sub: How I Spent My Christmas Holiday

My dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and have a great festivity of Christmas. In your letter, you wanted to know about how I spent my Christmas holidays. Here is my reply.

This year I had an excursion to Kolkata during the Christmas holidays. I was accompanied by my uncle, aunty, and my elder sister by train.

First, we visited the zoo at Alipur where we saw many types of birds and animals. We went near a pond and saw the various migratory colorful birds in thousands. From the zoo, we went to visit the Victoria Memorial. Here we saw the marvel statue of Queen Victoria and many historical pictures relating to the British government. Then the Museum where we went to see the relics of various types. Next, we visited the Sahid Minar, and the cable-stayed Vidyasagar Setu – a wonder of all wonders.

In the evening, we went to a Church in Park Street. The road was nicely decorated with colorful lights on both sides which mesmerized us.

This was all about my Christmas holiday celebrations. It would be great if you could spend the Christmas holidays with me. I hope you will spend the holidays with me next year.

Write me about your Christmas Eve and what you did on Christmas Day.

I hope, you all are good. Please pay my regards to your parents and loving kisses to the younger ones.

With love to you,

Your loving friend,

Your name

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