5 Lines on Bus | 10 Lines on Bus

In this post, we shall read about 5 and 10 sentences on bus in English. These few lines on bus will be helpful for the students of class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4. The level of the essay about bus is very easy so that any students can easily write on this topic.

5 Sentences about Bus in English:

1. The bus is a large vehicle.

2. It is a road transport.

3. It carries passengers along designated routes.

4. A bus is driven by a driver.

5. The bus has a conductor who collects the money from passengers.


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10 Sentences about Bus in English:

1. The bus is a main source of public transport.

2. It provides an affordable and accessible option for common people.

3. The bus is a large wheeled vehicle.

4. A driver drives a bus and a conductor collects the fare from passengers.

5. They are many types of buses like City buses, School buses, and long distance coaches.

6. Some buses are run by the government and some are private.

7. There are almost 50 seats in a bus.

8. Some buses are run on diesel while others are electric.

9. Buses play a crucial role in reducing individual car usage.

10. Travelling by bus is cheap and convenient for common people.

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