5 Lines on School Bus | 10 Lines on My School Bus

In this article, we will read about 5 and 10 lines on school bus in English. This article will be very helpful to the students of class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4. The level of the essay about my school bus is very easy so that any student can easily write on this topic.

5 Lines on School Bus:

1. The colour of our school bus is red.

2. It has fifty seats.

3. The seats are very comfortable.

4. There are a driver and a helper in our school bus.

5. I like my school bus very much.


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10 Lines on My School Bus:

1. I read in DAV Public School.

2. There are five school buses in our school.

3. My school bus is white and black in colour.

4. The name of my school is written on it.

5. There are a driver and two caretakers in my school bus.

6. They are very loving and caring.

7. The caretakers’ uncles always ask us to make a queue to enter or leave the bus.

8. The bus always comes to pick me on time on school days.

9. There are big windows on the bus and I can see the houses, trees, and other cars passing by.

10. I love going to school by our school bus.


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