Write a Letter to Your Mother Informing her about Your Success in the Examination

Write an informal letter to your mother telling her about your success in the examination.

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My dear mother,

At first you take my cordial love. I am writing this letter for a special purpose. The results of our annual examination have just come out. So, I am writing to inform you about this.

You will be very glad to know that I have secured first position in the annual examination of class IX. I got more than 90% marks in all subjects. The contribution of my school teachers in undeniable behind my success. They are very happy with my success. My friends are also happy.

On the day of annual function of the school, the principal sir awarded me a medal and scholarship worth 5000 rupees as a prize. I hope you will be very happy with my success. I shall be more careful of my studies from now on to maintain these results for next year.

I am enjoying my hostel life. You need not worry about me. I am well here. Take care of yourself and my father too.

Yours lovingly,

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