Report Writing on Navratri Celebration in Society

Write a report on Navratri celebration in your society.

Navratri celebrations at Marwari seva samiti

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Mumbai, October 27, 20XX:  In accordance to the Indian traditions and cultures, Navratri was celebrated on 25th of October with great zeal and enthusiasm at Marwari seva samiti, Andheri, Mumbai. The celebration began with a player ceremony and Aarti dedicated to goddess Navdurga. Every member associated with the samiti and their families were invited.  All the members of this society were dressed in traditional dresses and women were adorned with traditional kind of jewellery.

The entire society was adorned with very colourful decorations. Marigold garlands, various colourful rangoli designs and beautiful vibrant tubelights created a festive atmosphere. The celebration of Navratri in our society was not just an event, it was a platform for fostering community bonds.

People from surrounding areas came to participate in this festival and took Prasad. One of the important events was the cultural program in the evening. Young children wore lehengas, kurtas, pajamas to perform on stage. Various dance forms like gabra, dandiya and other classical dances were performed in front of the audience with great enthusiasm and skill by which the public was liberated.

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