5 Lines on Christmas Tree for Class 1, 2, 3 [2024]

5 Lines on Christmas Tree for Kindergarten / Kids:

1. Christmas tree is decorated during Christmas festival.

2. It is an artificial tree

3. It symbolizes life and hope.

4. Christmas tree is considered as auspicious by Christians.

5. It plays a very important role in the culture of Christmas.


5 lines on Christmas tree for class 1

1. This tree is a symbol of Christ.

2. It is evergreen fir or pine tree.

3. It is decorated with twinkling lights, baubles, stars and shiny ornaments.

4. A star or an angel is traditionally placed at the top of the Christmas tree.

5. It is a symbol of unity, love and tradition.


5 Lines on Christmas Tree for Class 2

1. The main attraction of Christmas festival is Christmas tree.

2. Houses sand Churches across the world are decorated with Christmas tree.

3. Children particularly love Christmas tree.

4. Stringing colourful lights around the tree is a popular tradition, representing the spirit of the festival.

5. The Christmas tree fills our hearts with joy and excitement during this special time of the year.


5 Lines on Christmas Tree for Class 3

1. Christmas tree is a symbol of love, brings joy and festivity into homes of the Christians.

2. Christmas tree is evergreen conifers, such as pine, fir and spruce.

3. It is believed that keeping a Christmas tree in the house gives negative energy away.

4. It is said that first Christmas tree was brought home by Martin Luther.

5. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees originated in Germany in the 16th century.

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