Report Writing on Celebration of World Environment Day in School

Write a Report on the Environment Day Celebrated in Your School in about 150 Words.

Celebration of World environment day at ABC High school

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Devipur, 6th June, 2022

The World environment day was celebrated at our ABC high school yesterday. It was organised in our school playground. So the school building was decorated beautifully.

The program began at 10:00 a.m. with an opening song sung by the students. Then our headmaster in his speech explained the importance of observing the World Environment Day. The headmaster of the school presided over the function and the local B.D.O. was invited as chief guest.

A cultural program was held which consisted of songs, recitations, dramas, speeches to make the spectators understand about destruction of nature. A discussion was held in which all students, teachers, and others present participated in it. The topic of discussion was on the causes of environmental pollution which are affecting our atmosphere. The effect of global warming and the role of green house gases were also discussed. In this discussion, some suggestions are taken to prevent or control it.

Some eminent people of the locality attended the ceremony. It was a lively discussion in which the audience was highly motivated. Then the chief guest delivered a nice and brief speech on the importance of planting more trees in our troubled world. The celebration ended with distribution of saplings among the students which they were asked to plant in their house.

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