Write Letter Your Friend Describing Winter Season in a Hill Station You Visited

Write a letter to your friend describing the winter season in a hill station you visited.

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My dear friend,

I hope you are hale and Hearty. I am doing well. I am very excited to share the enchanting experienced of the winter season in the hill station I visited recently.

This winter season my parents planned a trip to a hill station. So, our first choice was Shimla – a famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. We went to my uncle’s house in Shimla by train. My uncle lives in a small village on the mountains. We reached there in the evening.

The next morning when I opened the window, I was speechless. What a beautiful sight! It was snowing all around. It was my first experience of enjoying the snowfall. The hill station transforms into a winter Wonderland during the frosty months. The quaint colonial buildings with their sloping roofs covered in a delicate layer of snow. I made snowmen and played in the snow with my family. We travelled by toy train and had so much fun. It was the best experience for me.

I enjoyed the winter beauty of this hill station for seven days. The memories of the trip are still fresh in my mind.

With love to you,

Your loving friend,

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