Write Letter To Your Friend Inviting Him to Celebrate Makar Sankranti With You

Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him or Her to Celebrate Makar Sankranti with You.

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Sub: Invitation Letter for Makar Sankranti

My dear friend,

How are you? I am well here and I hope the same with you. As you know makar Sankranti is just around the corner so I am inviting you to celebrate this festival with my family at my house.

This festival is the first festival of the year. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in our village. It is a festival of kites. It would be delightful to share the joy of kite flying, traditional dishes, and the festival spirit together. We will wear new shirts and will go to the village temples to seek blessings for the year ahead. We will also visit the fair. It will be a new experience for you to enjoy this festival.

I hope you will come to our home and celebrate this festival with my family. My mother also wants you to come to our house on this occasion.

I am looking forword to create cherished moments with you. Convey my best regards to your parents.

With love to you,

Yours lovingly,

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