Write A Letter To Your Friend about Your Home in English

Write a letter to your friend about your home and why you like or dislike it.

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My dear friend,

At first, you take my cordial love. In your previous letter, you wanted to know about my home. So I am going to write about my home.

I live in a very beautiful home. It is three- roomed building with a kitchen and a corridor. The colour of my home is white and purple. All the rooms are nicely painted. The floor is fully made of marbles. The home is very airy and well lighted.

There is a garden around our home. In the garden we have varieties of flowers. I live in the nice home with my parents and my sister. My mother cooks food for us and household work.

My home is a place filled with positivity and blessings. We are very happy at the home. We always keep our home neat and clean. I like my home very much.

No more today. I would love to hear about your home too and the unique elements that make it special.

With love to you,

Yours lovingly,

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