Write A Letter To Your Father Asking Permission for Picnic

Write an informal letter to your father asking permission for picnic.

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My dear father,

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. I wanted to inform you that our final examinations are over and I hope I will get good grades in the examination.

I am writing this letter to seek your permission for going on a picnic. The students of our class have planned to go for a picnic on 07/01/20XX and I am also willing to join the picnic. The chosen picnic spot is a well known river side. We shall go there by bus on Saturday next morning and return back to the hostel by sunset. You do not need to worry because we will be accompanied by some teachers. I need only one thousand rupees for this picnic.

Your consent means a lot to me. So I request you to allow me to go for this picnic with my friends and teachers and kindly send me Rs. 1000/- for this picnic.

I hope all my family members are well. Kindly pay my regards to my mother and love to my younger sisters.

Yours lovingly,

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