5 Lines on Winter Season for Class 1

5 Lines on Winter Season for Class 1 in English:

1. Winter is the coldest season of the year.

2. Winter comes in November and lasts until the middle of March.

3. During this time, high speed of cold winds blow from the North side.

4. People wear thick and woolen clothes in the winter season.

5. One of the most exciting things about winter is the possibility of snowfall.


5 Lines on Winter Season for Class 1 for Nursery:

1. Winter season comes after autumn before spring.

2. The environment is covered with thick fog in this season.

3. Snowfall is a fun part of winter.

4. People go on picnic on this season.

5. Winter is a season of beauty and magic.


5 Lines on Winter Season for Class 1 cbse:

1. Winter is a great time for hot drinks like tea, coffee, soup to keep warm.

2. Festivals like Diwali, Christmas fall during the season.

3. People visit to hill stations during this time.

4. We get plenty of fruits and vegetables in winter.

5. I like this season very much.


Write 5 Lines on Winter Season:

1. The days of winter starts with fog and frost all around.

2. In winter season the days are shorter and nights are longer.

3. Street people light bonfires to avoid cold.

4. Everyone enjoys the warm sun in winter season.

5. People wear warm clothes like coats, scarves and gloves in winter season.

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